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An Interview with... ROSIE DUMMER

Updated: Feb 15

Rosie Dummer, also known as Rosie Cake Diva has kindly taken the time to answer a few of my questions. Most well known for creating huge, sculpted cakes, Rosie has become one of the favourites on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Maker’s.

Rosie is one of the greatest cake decorators in the world, so I was super excited to get the chance to speak to her!

Q: What age were you when you first started cake decorating, and how did you gain an interest in it? A: I didn’t start making cakes until I had left the army and started a family. I was just making cakes for my children so I probably didn’t get going until my mid thirties. Definitely a late starter. Q: What is your favourite thing about cake decorating? A: I’m all about the ‘art’ in ‘cake art’. Don’t get me wrong... I want people to love the taste and the flavours but I only step into gear when it comes to the decorating. I love it when the crumbs and ganach are cleaned away and I’ve got a blank canvas to work on.

Q: What techniques do you specialise in? A: I think I’ve developed into a Jack-of-all trades when it comes to decorating but I guess I’m mostly known for some of my bigger cakes. My 7ft Grenadier Guard Cake kick-started it all and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: Are there any techniques that you really struggle with, and try to avoid when making a cake? A: I don’t particularly like making clean and simple cakes. Sometimes it’s harder to get those edges and smooth surfaces than to make complicated designs. Plus it’s onerous work and I’m easily bored. ;)

Q: Besides cakes, what other hobbies do you have? A: I still consider cakes my main hobby. Aside from 4 kids, 2 dogs and a husband it can be hard to find time for much else. I enjoy sketching but that just ends up being part of the cake design process. Obsessed? Much ;) Q: You also run a blog, how do you find time in your busy schedule to update it with new posts? A: I don’t post on my website very often. I really only want to post when I have something to say so I purposefully hang back a bit. Hopefully people will see that for me it’s about substance not quantity. Q: Do you struggle coming up with new ideas for your blog posts, and YouTube tutorials? A: Quite the contrary. I’ve got so many things that I want to do but whilst filming the TV series it isn’t feesible for me to do more on YouTube quite yet.

Q: You are one of the Cake Decorators featured on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, what is filming for a TV show like? A: It can be quite stressful having the cameras follow you. It really is my kitchen so space is limited, plus everything takes twice as long when you have to allow for lighting, camera positions etc. In general though I think it’s good that people see how hard some of these cakes are to make.

Q: You are also a big part of Cake International, both presenting and demonstrating, do you get nervous before teaching to a crowd? A: Gosh no! CI is like family. We are all there to learn, enjoy and interact and the stages are just an extension of that atmosphere. It’s great to be able to be part of that.

Q: Do you enjoy teaching, and do you ever host workshops? A: I do love to teach and I have done a few workshops but again it’s time that’s against me. Between filming and demoing and presenting I don’t get much chance.

Q: Is there anything you would like to learn next? (e.g. airbrushing, flowers, stencilling etc.) A: I’m always tackling something new so I pick skills up as I need them. I’ll be working with Vegan recipes next which can be much harder to sculpt so I’m a little nervous but also excited to add new strings to my bow.

Q: Is there any advice you have for cake decorators similar to myself? A: I’m so full of advice it’s hard to shut me up but my best words of wisdom are to be careful about hobby versus business. I see so many people get excited about turning their cake obsession into a full-time career, but many become disillusioned before too long. Cake is a luxury and people don’t always want to pay big bucks for your sweat and tears. Be careful to value your time if you want to make it work financially.

Q: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say? A: I can’t believe how much is going on in 2019 in our industry. As well as the flagship Cake International shows I’m really looking forward to presenting at the new Cake Shows in Northern Ireland and Manilla. I’m also working in Mumbai for Cakeology and back to Australia and I love how Cake is bringing all these communities together. Exciting times.

It was a huge honour getting to speak to Rosie, and ask her some questions. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have! Please leave any comments below, or on my social media.

I have lots more interviews coming up, so stay tuned!

Talk later ✌️

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