Cakes in Quarantine

Aside from binge-watching your third Netflix show this week (any recommendations?), scrolling through Instagram for hours and learning Spanish on Duolingo the current quarantine is the ideal time to develop some of your skills! ;) Being stuck inside means that you can really focus your time into practicing your craft, of course I’m referring to cake decorating (would have been weird if I was referring to something like scaffolding ;)). Even more reason to dive in is that you will be forced to eat whatever you make, we are all gonna come out of this looking like Augustus Gloop, I swear ;).

I have been doing many cakes for myself (and have many in the pipeline) you can see one of my most recent cakes above, however, am also itching to follow some great tutorials that are online. Aside from fabulous regular tutorials that we always have access to (I will list some of my favourites below), many cake decorators are turning to more personal online demonstrations through apps like Zoom and Facebook Live, allowing you to interact and work along with the teacher.

Marc Suarez, the decorator behind Le Doux Collage, is currently offering ‘live online classes’ which are full-day workshops where you can choose to work at the same time as him or alternatively just listen/watch. Honestly, this is SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Marc is a PHENOMENAL artist (I highly advise you check out his work asap, he is absolutely insane), and a very experienced teacher so I am sure these classes are great! I haven’t had the chance to book into one of these classes yet, but am very tempted! Has anyone attended one of these virtual classes yet, what was it like? I’d love to hear down below (plus it just gives me even more reason to book onto one ;)).

I think we can all agree that Zoe Hopkinson, of Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, is an absolute witch (Glinda not the Wicked Witch ;)) when it comes to modelling. Am I right? She seems to be capable of adding character and personality to literally anything (I’m pretty sure she could turn a pebble into something incredible in just a few minutes ;)). Besides all of her regular tutorials (I don’t think I go a day without watching at least one of her tutorials on Facebook), she and her team are producing even more tutorials, as well as hosting some incredible Facebook Lives. Recently, she has gone live showing how to use her face moulds, how to turn digestives into Harry Potter characters and today decorated cookies to look like sloths (they’re insanely cute, trust me)!

Cake International, the world renowned cake show, are currently offering a few different ways to keep you entertained while learning new skills. First is the CI Learning Hub. The CI Learning Hub offers ‘in-depth demonstrations’ which take place in a private Facebook group, with each session featuring a different cake artist. Plus, these are just £3!! The first demonstration featured Emma Jayne (cake god) making her ‘Frog Prince’, an in-depth demo with Emma Jayne at £3, that is the definition of a bargain ;). The next demo features Ben Fullard, and I can imagine they have even more incredible cake artists to add to this amazing line up! As well as the CI Learning Hub, Cake International are hosting plenty of free Facebook Live tutorials (with the likes of Natalie Porter and Rhianydd Webb) and Cake International On Screen! A really exciting event over the course of two days (24th/25th April) taking the place of the cancelled London show. The show will also include an online competition, allowing us to enter for free from the comfort of our own homes! I know that I’m going to be entering, how about you?

Aside from these, there are also many more cake artists that are setting up their own online tutorials/demos. Molly Robinson has set up ‘Molly’s Cake n Cocktail Bar’, what this will entail I’m not overly sure but it’ll certainly have cake and be a lot of fun ;). CakeFlix are hosting ‘Caking All Over the World’, a series of Facebook Lives taking place this weekend from incredible cake decorators globally. As well as these, of course the same great content remains just like before the lockdown.

What are some of your favourite cake blogs/artists/tutorials/YouTube channels? Let me know below, I’m always on the hunt for more content ;)

I hope this almost collated list of quarantine demos/tutorials has been of use! Of course, I’m sure there are tons of other cake artists doing similar work, if I’ve missed any out let me know and I’ll update this post! If you have attended any of these virtual classes, make sure you share your experience, there’s so much choice its hard to know what to watch! ;)

None of these cake artists are anything to do with this blog, nor am I affiliated with them in any way (I’m like a cake vigilante OMG). If you would like to find out more check out their websites/social media, the info isn’t too hard to find. If you are a cake artist and would like to be included contact me! The more the merrier! ;)

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