Dominique and Me: Apple Marshmallow

I currently have a kilo of leftover tempered chocolate on my table – fun?

I’m gonna have to say it – I don’t like it when things have no relevance to what they look like. When it comes to eating I want to judge the book by its cover, if I’m picking up something that looks like a lemon, I want it to taste of lemon, yknow? Ansel seems to have a completely different approach to me, instead finding the element of surprise exciting (am I just really boring omg?). Ansel goes as far to compare the disguise of marshmallow and caramel to look like an apple, to the disguises Greek gods are believed to wear when coming down to earth (I think we can all agree that that is a bit of a stretch ;)).

When first buying this book and looking through, this is one of the recipes that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to. Not because of the techniques used or flavours, instead, simply because I know that I would never buy it in his shop. I would be far more likely to head over to a Paris-New York or ‘Lime Me Up’ Tart, compared to this fraud apple dessert.

I feel like this has started off a tad negatively (OOP), and I did actually start this recipe off with masses of optimism. The thing is, I’m not overly good at chocolate work. The stickiness involved with chocolate work just FREAKS ME OUT, its way too temperamental. Ansel requests to use 1Kg of milk chocolate, and let me tell you – finding a kilo of chocolate in the height of coronavirus was not an easy task ;). Luckily, my mum came through and soon my work top was covered in melted chocolate.

My temper wasn’t the best (it was pretty shoddy to be honest ;)), however, there was definitely a slight temper, and that was good enough for me ;). I poured the chocolate into silicone apple moulds and allowed it to set, before removing.

OKAY, HERES THE DEAL. Ansel uses plastic half moulds that you put together, I couldn’t find any of them cheaply so I opted for whole silicone moulds that curve at the top to ensure they have a spherical appearance. How on earth was I supposed to get solid yet very delicate chocolate shells out of a hole smaller than the chocolate itself?! (this was an almighty flaw; I know ;)). In the end, I miraculously managed to get three of the apples out whole (never been so proud of myself in my life ;)). I set the surviving shells aside and moved onto the next step.

The recipe uses a batch of the soft caramel from the marshmallow chicks, and various other recipes. This is an easy recipe to follow, and therefore I managed to make the carmel pain free. (Side note: the soft caramel is GORGEOUS by the way, the sort you could easily just devour with a spoon ;)).

Next came the marshmallow. I was slightly apprehensive about this marshmallow due to the stress of the marshmallow chicks (otherwise known as the marshmallow devils, I digress ;)), however, this was slightly different method which definitely worked in my favour. This marshmallow begins with egg whites which was possible because once made the marshmallow doesn’t have to hold its shape at all. The marshmallow was SO MUCH easier to make, and SO MUCH lighter and fluffier!

The marshmallow was then (while slightly warm), piped into the apples, with a section of caramel in the middle.

To make sure the apples actually look like – apples, they had to have a red exteriror. Ansel suggests to use red cocoa butter, however this would’ve clogged up my airbrush, so instead I used a red airbrush colour suitable for chocolate. Although this wasn’t quite as vibrant, it still did the job ;).

The apples were finished with a lollipop stick and little marshmallow worms, before being ready to eat. Honestly, they were surprisingly delicious! I don’t know what I was expecting considering its literally just chocolate, caramel and marshmallow, but they were really nice! Certainly not something I would ever choose to purchase in his shops, but it was certainly a fun treat.

NEXT UP: Sunflower Tart (these look super cute, if not a tad laborious ;))

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