Dominique and Me: Cannele de Bordeaux

If Dominique Ansel thinks I am messing around with copper moulds and beeswax, he is severely mistaken ;).

OMG FIRST INTERMEDIATE RECIPE HEYYYY! Can anyone else actually believe we’ve made it this far, ITS CRAZY. Say goodbye to smiley and chirpy blog posts, this is about to get real ;).

The recipe is for canelle de Bordeaux’s. I have lots of feelings about this pastry so BEAR WITH ;). Firstly, I swear to god, if I ever spell the name right the first time without copying it I will scream with joy ;). Secondly, I’ve had canneles before and wasn’t actually a very big fan (French pastry chefs everywhere just cursed me, I can feel it). If I remember right, it was a peanut butter flavoured cannele from the food court area of Selfridges (blimey, that makes me sound upper-class). I just remember the whole thing having the texture of an old, wet sponge (not the cake kind, the wash yourself in the shower with kind). Lastly, Ansel wants me to buy copper moulds AND beeswax to grease them. That is never gonna happen, I’m sorry to disappoint you ;).

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly debated with the copper mould idea. That was until I saw the price tag attached to them, I could literally buy a house for the same price as 10 cannele moulds (maybe a tad extreme, but you get the point ;)). Of course, I understand why they’re wanted. The copper conducts the heat far better than any other kind of mould, ensuring they get a very crispy texture (which is something I struggled with). In the end, I bought some silicone moulds (Ansel officially hates me).

The actual making of the recipe is incredibly easy. I literally wish I had something to say about making the batter, but I don’t – it was THAT simple. It was practically a really longwinded pancake batter recipe ;).

The batter has to be left in the fridge overnight, before being baked the next day. I must say, by using silicone I was shooting myself in the foot and I knew it. I followed the method exactly, apart from the beeswax greasing, and knew from step one that they would not be Ansel standard. During baking, I was very pleasantly surprised to see them behaving how Ansel describes! The canneles rose the amount he said they would and then sunk the amount he said they would, it was truly like he was performing a miracle in my oven.

I let the cannels cool before unmoulding them. This recipe has been a breeze, maybe intermediate wont be so hard after all? ;) (who am I kidding, Ansel is not messing about with some of the next recipes TRUST ME).

Granted, the canneles were not quite as crispy as they should have been, silicone was NEVER gonna produce amazing results. However, I am glad to say the rest of the cannele was PRETTY spot on. They had an airy flan-like structure inside, and were a deep golden brown colour. I also, really enjoyed them! Sure, they’re not my favourite things in the world but if I saw one in a patisserie, I would easily purchase one.

Perhaps, Ansel has managed to completely change my opinion on the pastry.

NEXT UP: Vanilla Religieuse (me and my mum are gonna LOVE these, I can tell ;)).

Thanks for reading this! Knowing that people are going out of their way to read whatever I have to say for whatever reason is the best feeling in the world, and I’m crazy grateful (trust me). PLEASEEE keep reading, the blog posts are only going to keep getting better, more interesting and more dramatic (by dramatic I mean tears that will be shed while trying to make the advanced recipes ;)). Also, if you haven’t read the previous post, TREAT YOURSELF ;).

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