Dominique and Me: Christmas Morning Cereal

And I thought Crunchy Nut Clusters were upper-class ;).

This is certainly one of the wilder concepts in the book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a bowl of cereal in the evening, however, this blog series is called ‘Dominique and Me’, not ‘Mr Kellogg’s and Me’.

There’s a cute backstory to this recipe in the book, that me and my mum could get behind once we had got over the disbelief that I was making cereal ;). Ansel created this cereal purely so he could sell something that could travel long distances. This way people could take it home for their family, and even send it by post! After reading this, Ansel seemed somewhat genius, even if I was shocked and confused first ;).

Dominique Ansel also makes a big batch of this at the beginning of December and eats it everyday n the lead up to Christmas, so surely it must be good ;) (if not incredibly unhealthy ;)).

The recipe begins with a batch of Mini Me’s, Ansel’s signature meringue kisses. Like I said in the Mini Me’s blog post, there’s no escaping them! ;) Dominque Ansel highkey needs to go to MA (Meringues Anonymous ;)). The Mini Me’s are straight forward like usual, with the only variation being the addition of cinnamon.

Next came the actual cereal part. When first looking at this recipe, I assumed I would be starting with a humble grain of rice and then SOMEHOW moving on from there. Luckily, Ansel is not a monster and instructs to use puffed rice (otherwise known as Rice Crispies). This part is basically just really fancy chocolate rice crispie cakes that were the BOMB in primary school. The rice crispies are mixed with corn syrup and sugar and baked until crispy. They’re then broken into smaller chunks and coated in milk chocolate.

The final component of the cereal is a small batch of caramelised hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are mixed with water and corn syrup (this is so unhealthy omg), and baked until caramelised.

Now that all the components were done, it was time to eat! I placed a mixture of Mini Me’s, the chocolate puffed rice and caramelised hazelnuts in a bowl, before finishing with a splash of semi-skimmed milk (Ansel requests whole milk but you may as well just suck it straight from the udder at that point ;)). Rather surprisingly, the cereal was INCEDIBLE, like actually next level. All the components were fairly ordinary, but eating it all together with a splash of milk was gorgeous!! Honestly, I could happily eat this all day-everyday.

NEXT UP: ‘Lime Me Up’ tart (I’m apprehensive about this recipe, and am not even sure I know why)

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