Dominique and Me: Frozen S'More

I swear to god, if I have to make marshmallow ONE MORE TIME.

There are some products that I class as Ansel’s children. Those products obviously include; the Cronut and DKA, however, it also includes this interesting item. The frozen s’more, like many of his other items, went viral. HELL, I’m pretty sure Tastemade put out a new video about it weekly ;) (cue me watching Herrine eat at his shop on repeat for hours out of jealousy ;)). It is essentially a cube of ice cream coated in chocolate feuilletine, before being covered in a thick layer of marshmallow, smoked and blowtorched. An incredibly extravagant take on the bog-standard American campfire treat.

Honestly, this is one of the recipes I wasn’t looking forward to (I literally seems to be saying that about every single one of them recently OOP), however, I was also pretty interested by it. Essentially it uses techniques which *shouldn’t* be THAT difficult ;), yet is an incredibly impressive sight to behold.

The recipe starts off with his vanilla ice cream recipe, which was one of the very first recipes in his book (nostalgia amirite), and was a nice simple way to begin the recipe. Once the ice cream was churned it had to be moulded. Unfortunately, Ansel wanted me to use rectangular ring mould, which are 1) difficult to find 2) expensive, so I opted for the far humbler muffin tray ;). I placed the ice cream directly into the crevices of a silicone mini muffin tray, and allowed to freeze overnight.

Next came the chocolate feuilletine (one day I will be able spell that without looking at the book, I promise ;)). I was actually going to order a packet of feuilletine (small crispy crepes) online, however, it was all sold out. Therefore, I opted to use frosties instead ;). The feuilletine/frosties got coated in dark chocolate and salt, ready to be used the next day.

The next day began by coating the ice cream in the feuilletine. This task seemed annoyingly difficult for something so trivial, however, in the end I managed to coat them and returned them to the freezer.

Now it was time for the dreaded marshmallow. I say this but, the apple marshmallows went SO WELL, so maybe I’ve overcome my marshmallow demons? This marshmallow uses honey to ensure that it doesn’t freeze solid (Ansel is lowkey a scientist ;)). It was all going well until I had to decide when to stop whipping. I’ve deduced that the main flaw when I was making the chicks was that I whipped for far too long. The length of whipping seems like such an easy thing to notice, but its far harder when staring you in the face. The problem is; the marshmallow has to be pipe able but it can’t be cement, the line between the two is surprisingly very fine ;). I was convinced that I had stopped whipping at the correct moment until it came to the next part.

I piped the marshmallow into full size muffin trays, before placing a sphere of ice cream in the centre. I placed these in the freezer to set for roughly 2 hours.

If there is one thing I learned from this recipe (other than to stop whipping my marshmallow ;)), it was to NOT USE A MUFFIN TRAY. The all caps feels a tad extreme, but trust me, that’s the only way to express the trauma I went through ;). The problem with a muffin tray is that it has a bottom, and I was trying to somehow get incredibly sticky AND frozen marshmallow to just drop out? (Not my smartest idea ;)). After hours of boiling water and trying to pry them out, I finally developed a less than graceful technique to pull/scoop/pry them out ;).

There was clearly something wrong at this point because they were far too hard to get the skewers in, meaning I opted to just do them without skewers at this point ;). Instead, I blowtorched them on a tray and served them on a plate (Id like to label this as ‘creative license’ instead of ‘doing whatever I can to serve something’ ;)).

In the end, they didn’t actually look too much of a mess. Unfortunately, the marshmallow was (yet again) far too stiff (you could literally use it instead of PVA glue), although, it was still edible ;), and the ice cream was delicious!

NEXT UP: Arlette (this is the weirdest photo in the book and also the LAST INTERMEDIATE RECIPE WHAT)

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