Dominique and Me: 'Lime Me Up' Tart

Ansel states that he ‘loves making this recipe’ and that usually indicates that it’ll be a disaster for me ;).

Ansel created this tart solely based on a stereotypical hipsters’ coffee order (soy milk, no farm half- blahblahblah etc.), inspired by the ability to ask for a specific coffee and for it to be met by the barista. The component that allows the customer to change their tart is what makes this so unique. ‘Lime Me Up’ refers to a petal of white chocolate containing Maldon sea salt, brown sugar and crushed juniper berries. The customer has the ability to pour this on to their tart at their own liking, along with a squeeze of lime, allowing each customer to tailor their bite to their individual palate. At first the idea feels kind of wild, but after processing it makes perfect sense.

This tart is a classic, Ansel two-day recipe. I say that as if I hate having them spread out over a couple of days, however, I’ve grown to absolutely love taking more time (maybe I’m just lazier, who knows? ;)). When I first opened the book, doing two-day recipes was soul destroying – how could I be dedicated enough for more than one day?! Over-time I’ve noticed that over two-days, I take my time and strive for more perfection (a concept that will, unfortunately, seem wild once you see this finished tart ;)).

The recipe kicks off with a lime mousse. I honestly think mousses are quite possibly the greatest thing ever created, and a lime one sounds INSANELY good. The mousse uses an Italian meringue to aerate, this ensures that the mousse is incredibly light and fluffy and removes the risk of food poisoning from the raw egg whites. The mousse also uses a small amount of whipped cream (and by small I mean; hardly worth bothering ;)). A lime mixture (containing gelatine, lime and milk) is folded into the two other components before being set in the freezer. It seems I whipped the cream to a stiffer peak than intended and struggled immensely trying to get it to fold in completely (in other words my mousse looked real blotchy ;)).

Next came the lime curd. I used to despise making curd, however, recently I haven’t been able to understand why. As soon as someone says curd, I picture a nine year-old me stirring a pan of curd for what felt like five hours waiting for it to thicken. I don’t know if that time scale has been exaggerated in my head, or if some reason I was immensely bad at making curd, but it is certainly not the case anymore ;). The curd was made easily (and quickly ;)) and refrigerated overnight.

If you’ve read my past blog posts, you will know that I’m not a fan of tempering chocolate. It’s unfortunate really as there was a time when I was practically in-love with Will Torrent and convinced I was going to be a chocolatier, however, that idea soon changed. If there’s one thing that irritates me more, its tempering WHITE chocolate for a tiny component. White chocolate is notoriously more difficult and after attempting to use the microwave technique, the temper wasn’t the best ;).

The next day was the day to make and bake the tart shells. This used Ansel’s standard sable dough, and was relatively pain-free. Unfortunately, Ansel is really specific with his tart sizes and I’m still unsure if I worked out the correct dimensions to substitute (I’m not a mathematician OKAY), but the tart was baked and there was no turning back now.

The assembly started with a layer of curd in the tart shell (there was like zero curd for some reason though, so it was an INCREDIBLY thin layer ;)), before being topped by the mousse. Honestly, at this point mine was looking a mess. I don’t exactly know why, but, it was not a pretty sight which just got worse and worse with the next steps ;). I finished it off with the white chocolate ‘petal’ filled with sea salt (don’t come @ me for not using Maldon – its EXPENSIVE) and brown sugar (it seems supermarkets don’t sell crushed juniper berries, how surprising? ;)).

Although it may have not looked the best, it tasted GORGEOUS. The lime mousse was so fluffy and SO full of flavour! Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of including the additions, so in the end had mine with just a squeeze of lime.

NEXT UP: Frozen S’Mores (pretty sure Ansel has a kink for marshmallow or something)

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