Dominique and Me: Perfect Little Egg Sandwich

What. Even. Is. This?

Dominique Ansel has said farewell to sugar and cream for this recipe, todays bake is completely savoury. If I’m being totally honest, when first purchasing this book, I didn’t really like the look of this recipe – SCANDAL. I like eggs, but I don’t *love* eggs and the idea of baked scrambled egg lowkey freaks me out.

The bread part of the sandwich is a brioche bun. Brioche is definitely considered one of the more difficult breads to make, due to its high fat content. When making enriched dough’s, the fat molecules (in this case butter) almost completely cover up the gluten molecules, making it harder to get a well-proved consistent dough. To put it far more simply – the butter works like a fat cagoule around the proteins in the dough.

The French are probably gonna hate me for this, but I always think of one of those weird Pitt brioche rolls when I hear the word brioche. Pitt is a far nastier version and is probably in 99% of packed lunches in any primary school across the country, hopefully this brioche will come out far better.

The recipe begins with making the dough. I made this recipe during the time when there was practically no food of value in any supermarket across the country (2020 has been wild), meaning instead I had to make my brioche with Clover (a butter spread, similar to Flora). This highkey freaked me out. I was certain the “butter” was going to melt, resulting in a dry brioche, but I had to do what I had to do ;). I allowed the brioche to prove overnight, before returning to it the next day.

The next day was when the recipe really came together. I first had to shape the brioche, give them their second prove and bake them. Because I was especially nervous about the butter melting, I spent a solid five minutes walking around the house with a thermometer trying to find the perfect climate (I stg Ansel basically owns me at this point), eventually I landed on the corner of the living room. ;)

Then came the egg. I don’t know if Ansel keeps hundreds of chicken’s captive in his apartment or what BUT, he wanted me to use a buttload of eggs. Although there were miraculously plenty of eggs available in Tesco, I decided to go against Ansel and significantly decrease the amount of scrambled egg I was making (he was literally baking a preschool amount of chicks into a sandwich, felt excessive).

Ansel gets all cheffy and starts asking for spring onions and chives (okay SO, not exactly ‘cheffy’ but when you’ve been making choux pastry every other week for months, anything that grows in the ground feels like it belongs to Gordon Ramsey IMO). I fried the spring onion before adding it to a litre of egg and milk and rather shodilly placed it into the oven (there may have been an egg tsunami while putting it into the oven).

Once baked, the egg got cut into squares and placed on top of a sliced brioche before being finished with melted gruyere. As a whole, I could certainly eat it, but would I pay good money to eat it, nope ;). Something just didn’t sit right with me – RIP. HOWEVER, separately there were some real standouts. After all of the panic over the brioche, they came out perfect! Like these brioche were so perfectly fluffy and rich, my mind was blown. Even though we didn’t manage to get through all of the egg (there was a mountains of weird squares of egg in the fridge for DAYS), I can see why Ansel is so proud of the sandwich.

NEXT UP: Black and Blue Pavlova (sounds like a pavlova got into a pretty hefty fight ;))

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