Dominique and Me: The Angry Egg

Me: I get no joy from tempering chocolate

Dominique Ansel: Here’s a whole damn recipe about tempering chocolate xxx

Although Ansel doesn’t directly say it, this is a recipe based off of Angry Birds (yes, you heard that right ;)). I don’t know, perhaps Dominique Ansel is a big fan of the classic mobile game (I was always more of a Jetpack Joyride kind of boy myself), but it still seems like an odd concept. ;)

Ansel does actually have some slight reasoning for this decision. When he first opened in New York and Easter came around, he created some incredibly elegant and gorgeous eggs. The only issue being that they were beautiful to the extent of people refusing to eat them and just displaying them until they went mouldy (the hard life people rich enough to buy an Easter egg from Ansel lead ;)). So instead he created this somewhat tacky egg (I went there ;)) and filled it with truffles and bon bons etc., to ensure people crushed his masterpieces ;).

The recipe begins with tempering white chocolate for the egg shells. Ansel does initially request that I make two eggs, HOWEVER, I know what’s good for me and am not about to do that to myself ;). Instead deciding to make just one egg, I poured the white chocolate onto my kitchen table in order to do the ‘table top’ method of tempering. This is the method I usually get the best results from. After noticing significant change in the temperature and fluidity of the chocolate, I poured the majority back into my bowl and coloured it with red food colouring. I then poured it into the egg mould, being sure to tap the majority of it out and allowed it to set.

While setting, I coloured the majority of the remaining white chocolate yellow, and set it in a dome mould for the nose. I also tempered some dark chocolate in order to make the eyebrow, base and pupils/outline for the eye. Lowkey feeling like I’m on Bake Off: The Professionals at this point ;).

I unmoulded the egg with ease and I am proud to say that IT TEMPERED, there was a clear shine on the exterior of the red egg and I was over the moon. I melted the edges against a hot tray and stuck each half together, in order to make the egg and proceeded to stick it to the base. At this point, I also de-moulded the nose and coated it in yellow sugar, before sticking it to the egg. I piped the eyes on a piece of parchment using white and dark chocolate and allowed them to set while I placed the eyebrow on.

Once the eyes were set, I placed them onto the egg and with a slight bit of cleaning up, the egg was finished (I also added a mouth to rebel against Ansel/give my egg more character ;)).

Overall, I was very impressed with myself. The egg was far from perfect but I was happily to elegantly walk it into the living room and receive just an ounce of praise from my mum ;).

NEXT UP: DKA (I’m SO excited for this recipe, you don’t even know)

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