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Gothenburg (Sweden) BAKERY TOUR

Updated: Feb 15

For the past two weeks, I have been staying in Gothenburg attending work experience at the Riverton Hotel, Skybar and View Restaurant. Aside from working in the kitchen, I have been exploring the city and trying some of their best bakes!

The only Traditional Swedish Cake, that I had prior knowledge of, was the Princess Cake. This is completely thanks to the gruelling technical challenge on Bake Off a few years ago. However, while away I have discovered many other delicious baked goods.

I attended a few different bakeries including; Steinbrenner & Nyberg and Cafe Husaren, however I visited Brogyllen most frequently. Each bakery had a slightly different selection, although Brogyllen had the most high end cakes.

I had a Princess Cake from both Brogyllen, and another bakery which I unfortunately don’t know the name of. The cake is similar to a Victoria sponge, but hella fancy. A layer of cake, is topped with jam (or fruit sauce/compote), a layer of creme patisserie, a domed layer of whipped cream and finished with marzipan. These were absolutely delicious, and is definitely something that must be tried while staying in Sweden.

Cafe Husaren is known for their huge cinnamon buns, however, once I got there after work they had all sold out, so I was given a piece of one instead. I admit to not being a big fan of cinnamon buns, and have never really understood the hype. I must say however, this was a really nice take on the classic, and had a flavour that wasn’t solely cinnamon. As well as the bun, I bought this very big shortbread-like cookie. Although I’m not certain what it was, I can confirm that it was good, if a bit boring after a few bites. Cafe Husaren, as well as Steinbrenner & Nyberg are both situated in Haga, which is the older (cuter) part of the city.

Steinbrenner and Nyberg, had a fairly small selection but I ended up with a Sarah Bernard and a sweet tart. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever nerded out as much as I did when I realised the Sarah Bernard was in fact a Jaffa Cake! The light sponge, was filled with an orange jelly, and topped with dark chocolate, and had a far better taste than the McVities version. I am still unsure what the tart actually was, but it had a slight toffee flavour, was topped with flaked almonds and was gorgeous.

Brogyllen was definitely my favourite bakery and I ended up spending an absolute bomb in there. As well as the Princess Cake, I had quite a few things. One of them was a meringue roulade type cake, filled with fresh cream and sliced pear. I actually had a few of these because they were so good! I had a couple of variations of layered slices. I believe all of them had not only layers of chocolate flavoured components, but also pistachio. Although these were lovely, I’m always after a really intense chocolate flavour which I unfortunately didn’t get here. Lastly, I had this caramel flavoured sponge, which was topped with a selection of nuts and caramel icing. Brogyllen is situated on the edge of the canal, and I actually walked past it everyday to/from work, which ensured I got my sweet fix.

At various other bakeries, I bought more tart type goods, and other bakes, which were all absolutely lovely.

Overall, the bakery scene in Gothenburg is great, and I would highly recommend it. They not only have traditional Swedish bakes, but also more contemporary cakes and items from different cuisines around the world. I also felt that they were relatively cheap, compared to bakeries in areas like London, which made it even easier to buy more!

It was also interesting seeing many of the ingredients used frequently throughout the bakes. Both almond and pistachio featured heavily, as well as rhubarb (which is currently in-season).

Keep an eye out for more Sweden themed blogs, coming asap!

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