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Liverpool Bakery Tour

Updated: Feb 15

Recently I went to Liverpool, so naturally had to try out some of their most loved bakeries! I often go round some of the most popular London bakeries, so was excited to see how Liverpool would stand up to them.

The bakeries that I was going to visit include; Artisane, Bonbon Bakery, Baltic Bakehouse, The Little Macaron Shop and Dafnas Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, The Little Macaron Shop was too far out of the centre so I had to cross that off. When I reached Bonbon Bakery, there was also a sign on the door saying it was currently closed. So probably not the best start to a bakery tour, only having three bakeries to actually try bakes in.

I started with Artisane. Artisane is a very popular French bakery, that produce delightful looking pastries and some more intricate items. I tried the Paris Brest and Metisse Praline. The classic Paris Brest was cooked to perfection and sandwiched with perfectly smooth praline cream. The Metisse Praline has a white, milk and dark chocolate mousse atop a praline base. This was also great, however the Paris Brest was phenomenal and I highly recommend it.

Next was the Baltic Bakehouse. This bakery has classic doughnuts, pastries and tarts, but is probably most well known for their bread. Naturally, I had to try a loaf of their sourdough, but I also tried a chocolate bun and Peanut Butter Cruffin. The cruffin, to my belief, is a muffin/croissant hybrid (similar to Dominique Ansel’s Cronut). The pastry was buttery and flaky, holding some lovely peanut butter creme patissiere, which unfortunately was a little bit sparse. The showstopper of this bakery was of course the bread. Rabidly tearing into it on the way home, the crust was blistered and crispy containing a tart, sourdough flavour. The structure inside the loaf was perfection, and the whole bread was just incredibly moreish.

Lastly, I visited Dafnas Cheesecake Factory. I am a huge fan of cheesecake, so was rather excited to try some of theirs. All of the baked cheesecakes are kept in a freezer, and require them to defrost two hours before eating. The menu consisted of flavours such as vanilla and salted caramel, but I chose white chocolate and raspberry. Trying this at home, I was honestly a bit underwhelmed. Personally, the cheesecake had a slightly strange texture received when over baked. The white chocolate was also hard to taste. Perhaps the cheesecakes are usually better than this, but I hate to say that I was underwhelmed.

Overall, Artisane was my favourite of the day. I could’ve gone back and tried one of everything (including another Paris Brest)!

You should definitely try some of these out of you’re ever in Liverpool and give me your thoughts.

Do you have any more bakeries you think I should try out? If so let me know in the comments!

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