Materials I Couldn't Cake Without...

Updated: Feb 15

Before this blog starts, I would just like to say a HUGE thankyou to you all. This blog has been dormant for nearly a year now, but I really appreciate your continued support, and for letting me start again. I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your friends!

Cake supply shops can be incredibly daunting. Whether physically walking into one on the high street or browsing online, it can be extremely confusing knowing what to buy. There are so many different products and brands available, so I’ve nailed it down to the ones I couldn’t cake without.

FONDANT: Couture

Couture is my go-to fondant for a variety of reasons. For starters, its wonderfully elastic making it extremely forgiving for the cakes that aren’t so easy to cover. The fondant is easy to work unlike some others that feel like they’ve been fossilised for thousands of years when coming out of the packet. The fondant actually tastes good! It’s become very easy for customers to use the blanket statement; ‘I don’t like fondant’ after trying some of the nasty competitors, but I genuinely have to stop myself from eating it while decorating! Lastly, it’s very cost effective. Couture is only a little amount more expensive than supermarket fondant, yet goes so much further!

No fondant comes without its disadvantages, and the big one for me is elephant skin. The majority of the time I will find patches of elephant skin on my cakes, I can often cover these up but if you primarily specialise in pristine wedding cakes this may not be for you.

Couture is exclusively available from Cake Stuff.


I honestly feel like Saracino is my soulmate. I have zero cons for Saracino, ITS THAT GOOD!! The list of advantages could go on forever; its stretchy, takes on colour well and doesn’t dry really quickly. Most importantly though, it gives confidence even to the least skilled decorator. When using it, you can feel the quality and it seems to behave the exact way you want it to, its literally perfect.

I’m sure some people have had some more negative experiences however, if this is you let me know why.

Saracino is available from most cake supply shops, as well as Amazon and eBay! (I purchase the 5kg tub from eBay because its more economical)


Sugarflair was the first food colour I ever tried (excluding the nasty supermarket ones), and I have preferred it to every other brand I’ve tried since. Its super concentrated, which creates a really strong colour, goes a long way and is a really thick paste meaning it doesn’t change the consistency of the product too much.

I must say though; I would kill for them to sell it in tubes instead of little pots because I always get them in a mess.

Sugarflair is available from most cake supply shops.

DUST COLOURS: Sugarflair

Once again, Sugarflair are my favourites! To be completely honest I haven’t tried very many other brands (I have however tried Fractal Colours, which I was VERY impressed with and is a very close second). Sugarflair have a great range of colours (Nutkin Brown is my favourite and I use it wherever possible) and they also mix really well to create edible paints.

I mainly use the dusts to add texture and colour to items other than flowers, so can’t guarantee that they’re the best available when working with sugar flowers.

Sugarflair dusts are available from most cake supply shops.

AIRBRUSH PAINTS: Fractal Colours

Dawn Butler can do no wrong in my eyes, and these airbrush paints are no exception. They’re a great consistency, really vibrant and have a great variety of colours. Personally, I mainly use them for painting with a brush (I’ve had my airbrush for years and I STILL avoid it at all costs because it scares me), and they’re perfect every time.

Personally though, I’m not a huge fan of the brown (its really red in colour), and the colours will occasionally separate (I’m targeting the white right now), so give them a shake before use.

Fractal Colours Paints are available from most cake supply shops.


Spectrum Flow Shell and Shine

PME OR Fractal Colours Edible Markers

Piping Gel (no brand in particular, but I use Cake Stuff)

Rainbow Dust Metallic Lustres

Do you have similar thoughts to me, or are perhaps shocked at my choices? Let me know! Although these are my personal favourites, its important to remember that you still have to find what’s right for you, and instead use this as a guide.

STAY TUNED because I will be releasing a blog post about my favourite pieces of equipment (spoiler alert: a Dresden tool will always be my number one), over the coming days! Before I post, let me know if you have any equipment recommendations (specific airbrush brand etc.), and any reason why you think this.

Thanks for reading this today! I know it seems like I’ve been in hibernation recently (my last post was nearly a year ago), but trust me IM BACK! So, let me know if you have any blog post ideas, and share this blog with your friends.

I should also probably mention that none of these brands sponsor me (RIP), however if they would like to I would be MORE than happy ;)

Talk Later ✌️