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Registering Your Business BLOG

Updated: Feb 15

Do you want to finally turn your hobby into a business? Creating cakes for a profit, and registering with your local council. This blog will outline, what I think is most important having gone through the process.

This will hopefully help people internationally, however may only help people in England, due to different laws. This is specially for people in the North Devon area, however although each council differs slightly, these will hopefully apply everywhere!

The very first thing I did was DEEP CLEAN. Although my EHO didn’t look around my kitchen very much, I’m still super glad I did it. Perhaps it’s just a nice feeling knowing you made it as clean as humanely possible, and then keeping it that way. It has a sense of security, and ensures your kitchen looks professional when customers collect cakes etc.

I also RESEARCHED on Government websites and the Food Standards Agency website. This was invaluable, when it came to actually speaking with my EHO. I actually already had a knowledge of some of these documents, due to courses I am currently taking, or have taken previously, and this was really helpful. Download and print items such as SFBB (Safer Foods Better Business), or the equivalent in your area. If you begin with an understanding of these documents, it will ensure you look professional, and organised.

I was organised and PREPARED on the day. I had seen lots of sources say that ‘two sinks in your kitchen is a must’, or ‘you must have a certain amount of doors between the kitchen and the toilet’. Being an open-plan apartment, with just one sink in the kitchen, this made me particularly nervous.

Although these statements can give you a heads up, for people that don’t have the requirements in the statements they can be toxic and even deter people from registering.

If when the EHO turns up, you look clean, hygienic and safe, they will find a way around this. Often these requirements are only ‘best case circumstances’, and my EHO gave me a few pointers but in the end everything was perfectly fine! When he turned up I had necessary paperwork, and my disinfectant already on the table. This created a great first impression, and showed I cared about what I was doing.

The EHO’s are not there to catch anyone out, they want you to be able to achieve your dreams/goals, and will try to find a way to do this, no matter what. Don’t be nervous, and just a listen to anything they tell you.

One thing that was brought up at mine was how to handle allergens. My EHO provided me with templates and printed documents that made it easy for me to make my business safe for everyone.

In the end I revived a 5 STAR rating, showing that I have excellent Food Hygiene.

I truly help this blog has helped anyone wanting to turn their hobby into a business. If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! If you’re unsure how this relates to your region, I’d be more than happy to complete some research for you, and help in whatever way I can. Setting up a business an be extremely daunting, however with such low-risk foods it’s incredibly simple.

Don’t forget to give me any comments or improvements, and let me know via social media what you think. Share this with your family/friends, with an interest in cake decorating.

Talk later ✌️

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